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      SimuLase™ is the first software tool that allows a broad audience to take full advantage of the latest in semiconductor modelling. It's underlying fully microscopic many-body models allow to determine/predict the essential electro-optical properties like gain/absorption, refractive indicies, spontaneous emission (photo luminescence) or carrier losses due to radiative and Auger losses, with unprecedented accuracy while removing fit-parameters that used to require time and cost-intensive experimental investigation.


      Tools based on the microscopically calculated properties also allow to calculate macroscopic properties like transverse and longitudinal optical modes, reflectivity and transmission spectra, surface-PL spectra that take into account cavity effects that modify the pure material PL, threshold currents or operating characteristics for V(E)CSEL structures. SimuLase also allows for easy comparisons between experimental and theoretical results. The ground breaking quality of the underlying mircoscopic many-body models has been demonstrated in dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals (see our publications section).


      You can download a real-life deion of how SimuLase can be used to design, analyze and optimize e.g. edge-emitting devices and VECSELS here.


      SimuLase™ provides: SimuLase™提供:

      the correct fundamental input that is the required starting point for any reliable device modeling. The data can be easily imported in other commercial software tools for further investigations.軟件給出了對任一可信器件建模時的準確初始基本輸入。該數據也可導入到其他商業軟件工具中,作進一步研究。

      an easy to use GUI-interface that allows to determine many basic characteristics of structures without any experimental feedback.軟件給出了易操作的GUI界面,可以確定很多結構的基本特性,而不需要任何實驗反饋。

      experimentally veryfied models that have lead to more than fifty publications in peer-reviewed journals over the last two decades.軟件給出了很多經過實驗驗證的模型,在過去的二十年間,已經有五十多篇發表的論文對這些模型進行了研究。

      And, you don't have to be an expert in microscopic manybody physics to take full advantage of this tool. SimuLase™ can preset all parameters besides the structural design automatically - taking full advantage of the fit-parameter free nature of the microscopic models. For quick shots or research interests, SimuLase allows to influence the calculation parameters or use simplified models.而且,即使您不是微觀多體物理學方面的專家,也可以充分利用本軟件。SimuLase可以利用微觀多體模型的參數匹配,自動的進行結構設計和預設置所有參數。同時為了快速瀏覽或找出研究興趣點,軟件也允許更改計算參數或使用簡化模型。

      SimuLase_Designer™ is an easy to use GUI for:本軟件所采用的GUI界面方式,可以:

      designing heterostructures by simply adding/ deleting/ changing layers of various widths and material compositions.用于設計異質結構,只需簡單的添加/刪除/改變每層的寬度和組分。

      instantly displaying the heterostructure energy levels, confinement potential, subband levels and wavefunctions.即時顯示異質結結構的能帶、勢能、子帶和波函數。

      calculating and displaying the background refractive index profile, transverse (confined) and longitudinal (propagating) modes and optical confinement factors.計算和顯示背景折射率剖面、橫模和縱模以及光學約束因子。

      calculating and displaying the reflection and transmission spectra of a structure,計算和顯示結構的反射和透射譜。


      calculating electrical fields due to doped layers and applied voltages,計算施壓摻雜層的電場分布。